About varices

Almost half of the population of adult Poles suffers from the varicose veins disease. Unfortunately, this problem mainly concerns women.

The varicose veins disease has different levels of progress. Starting with spider veins, that is thin red or blue veins localized on face, neck, chest and legs, to big varices deforming the surface of skin on legs.

Varices originate due to progressing leakiness of valves, which are the most important element of a vein, maintaining the forced blood flow to the heart. The reason of formation of varices may be: hereditary factor, injuries, pregnancy, type of work performed, obesity and lack of physical activity. Pressure in the vessel system increasing due to the leakiness of valves leads to distension of veins below and further development of the disease.

In case of untreated varices inflammatory condition is developed together with brown hyperpigmentation of skin and, very difficult for treatment, varicose ulcer. Moreover, it can also lead to formation of thrombotic inflammation of veins (thrombophlebitis).

As we can see, varices are not only an aesthetical problem - although everyone knows how unaesthetic they look and how difficult it is to hide them.